Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station: The Best Backup Power

Are you living in an area with extreme electricity issues? Or you want your traveling experience to be memorable, but your cell phone battery has ended, leaving you without clicking those memories? Or you are camping with your friends, and you have no power supply to turn your electric kettle on and make some hot delicious tea to enjoy the long cozy night in the hills?


Well, we have your solution. You just need to make a decent amount of investment in portable power stations. No, you don't need to worry about how to choose the right power station; we have got your back.


With both suitable size and long battery life, Bluetti AC200P 2000WH / 2000W portable power station is the answer to your question. Its lightweight makes it possible to carry with you on trips and traveling. Put the station in your car's trunk, and you are good to go.


Let us dive in through what is a power station, bluetti AC200P being your excellent choice, and its features.



  • What is a Portable Power Station?

A rechargeable compact battery-powered generator that has the ability to charge small gadgets like mobile phones, portable fans, and other appliances is known as a portable power station. They are originally the size of a microwave oven. The best thing about portable power station is that it can be safely run indoors since it does not cause any emission and are virtually noise-free.

In labs, a portable power station is evaluated based on 5 meters

  • Run-time
  • Power Delivery
  • Power Quality
  • Ease of use
  • Noise
    • 5 Facts to know about a Portable Power Station
  1. The power they deliver is comparatively less than gas generators:

Portable power stations, along with their gasoline-fueled counterparts, call for a transfer switch to change things that are hardwired.

A portable power station can keep a TV or a few lights on for up to 3 to 9 hours, while a gas generator can keep for about 8 to 13 hours.

  1. They need time to charge:

They need a great deal of time to charge themselves, typically overnight, to supply maximum run-time.

You are obligated to charge your portable power station before any predicted weather conditions to offer you services. But remember, if the battery is once dead and you are without power and minimum sun, you can not recharge it.

  1. Charging with solar panels adds a maximum of two hours:

If you are out of power and charging with solar panels and the good sun is the only option available-- it can add a maximum of two hours of run-time with large appliances.

  1. Heavy size of a portable power station:

A portable power station, on average, weighs about 80 pounds. So you need an extra pair of handles for lifting purposes. Some portable power stations come up with wheels.

  1. They are on a high-end:

Portable power stations are expensive as compare to gas generators. On average, they cost about $1,500 and $3,500.

  • Bluetti AC200P 2000WH/2000W Portable Power Station : Review


In times of emergency when you need urgent battery support, bluetti AC200P 2000WH/2000W portable power station should be your prime consideration. Its highly effective features are all you need.

It has the capacity to store large amounts of energy and can give output on an average to up to 17 devices at once at 2000 Watts.

What comes in the huge buletti box?

It requires a great amount of energy to move the giant Buletti box that comprises the AC200P 2000Wh/2000W Portable Power Station, a US 3-prong plug AC wall charger of 500 watts, a Car Charging Cable (“Car” to XT90), a PV Solar Charging Cable (MC4 to XT90), an XT90-To-Aviation Plug, warranty card, manual and a qualification certificate.

Hardware characteristics:

  • Its size is 5 x 15.2 x 11 inches (42 x 39 x 28 cm).
  • It weighs around 60.6 pounds which is an estimate of 27.5 kg.
  • The battery presents LiFePo4 Cells, 2000 Wh, 3500+ cycles to 80% degradation, 3-6 month shelf life, low battery protection, and MPPT Charge Controller management system.
  • The estimated charging times are 2.1 hours for an 800 Watt refrigerator, 28 hours for a laptop or a 600 Watt CPAP machine, 140 hours for a 12 Watt fan, and 17 hours for a 100 Watt LCD.
  • For safety measures, features like battery management system (BMS),  Temperature Control, Short Circuit Protection, and voltage control are included.

Technical Specifications:

  • Higher output/large capacity:The bluetti Portable Power station has a capacity of 2000WH, with a high AC inverter load of 2000W surging to 4800 W. If any device continues consuming more than 4800 W even for two minutes, the power station itself turns off.
  • 17 Output ports:The bluetti AC200P 2000WH/2000W power station involves 17 output ports to meet multiple devices.

6*AC outlets for household appliances like blender, dryer, refrigerator, vacuums, and steam mops under 2000 W. 1* DC12V/10A Constant 12V for devices powered by the car. For red light router 2* DC 12V/3A. 1*DC12V/25A for DIYer, RV, and some car-powered device with higher current. For PD Type-C devices such as a MacBook, MacBook air/pro, etc. is 1*PD 60W USB-C faster charge. 2* for wireless charging at a maximum of 15 w, and 4*5V/3A USB-A for 5V USB Devices, smartphones, tablets, and led lamps.

  • Flexible 5-way charging:
  1. AC adapter – 500W
  2. Solar Panel -35-150v/Max.700W,Max12A
  3. Car charger -12V/ 24V
  4. Gasoline, propane, or diesel generators.
  5. Lead Acid Battery
  • Smart-touch LCD:The display screen is just a touch away. It shows features like current, voltage, power, temperature, and charging status. The user can alter or change the features according to his requirement.

It also includes a mode known as 'Bluetti Eco," which prevents wasted electricity loss of 50%. If you forget to turn the station off, the station will automatically power down.

  • Ideal for outdoor or indoor battery backup: Whether you are outdoors, indoors, traveling, camping, or in a state of emergency, Bluetii AC200P is your best purchase. It can easily run most of your essential appliances and electronics.
  • Fast Charging:It takes an estimate of 2.5 to 3 hours to charge your Bluetti AC200P Via 700W Solar Panel And The Attached 400W AC Adapter side by side. Whilst, a Dual AC Adapter of 800W takes 3 to 3.5 hours.
    • Designing and more features:

The bluetti power station has a screen on its top center with all installed features. It enables the user to keep a check on how much battery is remaining and what is the output. The power output ports are arranged on the sides of the screen, AC ports are on the right, and DC ports are on the left side. The material case is made up of PC+ABS 94V0 flame retardant material, and the handle part is made up of aluminum outsourcing TPU.

The power brick is 2 to 3 times bigger than your laptop brick and is about 400W. It facilitates charging from any wall socket. The top of the station has two handles for carrying and two wireless charging pads that permit 15 watts of charging for both pads. The AC input and a DC solar input are located on the bottom left side of the station. The PD, USB ports, and the car-cigarette-lighter style DC output port all work exceptionally. The USB-C PD port supports fast charging. If a single port is pushed on 1500w, the bluetti AC200P power station will have no problem up to an hour. The buletti power station uses LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells that have the finest quality and aids in longevity.

The fan start-up mode is an advanced feature; it turns on or off depending upon the internal temperature and load. It takes only 9 hours under 24V to full charge by the car charging. Always choose ECO mode, and the AC200P will automatically turn off after 4 hours to save power.

The bottom is made up of a rugged surface that allows friction and a stronger grip, so the station stands still and does not move.

  • Fitting and Setup:
  • The setup procedure is as convenient as the bluetti AC200P’s uses. Just unpack the box and plug in the AC adapter and press the power button and there you go, ready to use your bluetti AC200p 2000WH/2000W power station. It is a great investment in especially in terms of camping (because of its lightweight) and emergency power supply.
  • What makes the buletti AC200P 2000WH/ 2000W Portable Power Station the best?

No doubt it is the best investment one can make, but out of all the advanced features, these following six makes it an ideal option;

  • Easy and effortless to use.
  • Large power storage
  • Multiple AC and DC ports
  • Tough and strong building
  • 2000 W output
  • High-Quality battery installed
    • Conclusion

The article was a guide that provided you an in-depth review of the bluetti AC200P portable power station. The power station can charge multiple things at once in the long run. Its advanced features are all you need in times of emergency or important events. A 5-star investment.

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